The desire to create something is within us all.  To create is to fulfill a basic human desire.  My path towards becoming a photographer was not clear to me, but I can see in retrospect it was one straight course.  I have always loved composing and creating spaces and environments.  Capturing it and changing it. Scoring in the 98% for spatial relations should have given me a clue early on that photography and design were somewhere in me.  But life has a funny way of turning out even better than we could have guessed.  I feel lucky to be doing something I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  • Photography 60%
  • Custom Websites 30%
  • Brochures 10%


I have been taking pictures for over 18 years.  A business owner for 5 years.  It is still a thrill flip open FB or LinkedIn or any social media, and see my work as the profile pictures of friends, family and acquaintances.  It tells me I did a good job & that maybe in some small way people can see themselves the way I see them: as a work of art.


A dad with a camera ever present!  High School Photography 1 & Advanced Photography; News Paper Staff Photographer; Side jobs here & there; Living abroad…and taking A LOT of pictures; Degree in ART HISTORY & random college classes on Photography & Photoshop; creating something all along the way; a NEW camera & an encouraging husband; a small business; a food blog; and developing website company…and beyond.


Looking back I realize it was the countless hours of practice at the Newspaper that really got me started.  I figured I’d be like my dad, just shooting pictures for the sake of shooting pictures–like all artists, meandering through a love affair with creating and creativity.  Because I loved it so much, it took me a long time to see that it could be anything besides a passion.


I started college wanting to become a fashion journalist/photographer.  I pieced together courses that would allow me to do just that–because it was discontinued before I could start the program.  I am currently interested in pursuing a career in that field-ish.  A copywriter?  A staff photographer?  A stay at home wordpress website designer?  A food blogger/deli owner?  Something’s coming. And I will be excited to experience the next chapter in my story.


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